Professional Aquarium SErvices

Aquaman Inc. is a professional aquarium installation and maintenance company. We offer a turn key solution simplifying the installation of your custom aquarium. When your new aquarium is up and running, we will help you pick out which fish will be compatible for your system. The fish will even be delivered and acclimated to your tank for you. The whole process will seem effortless.

  • Competitive Pricing on Aquarium Maintenance Plans!
  • Aquarium Maintenance - Weekly or Bi-Weekly Schedules
  • Professional Aquarium Services for Home or Business
  • Custom Aquarium System Design & Planning
  • Delivery & Installation of Freshwater & Marine Aquariums
  • Fish Food Delivery Service
  • Great Selection of Marine & Freshwater Aquarium Fish
Aquarium Glass Cleaning

Focus on Fish Health

After your new aquarium is set up you will probably need someone to maintain your fish tank. We offer a full aquarium maintenance service with weekly or bi-weekly schedules. Our aquarium maintenance package is available for both saltwater and freshwater tanks.

Aquaman ATL aquarium maintenance service.

If your fish need food, no need to worry about going to the store, we will bring it to you! From changing the water to bringing you food we do it all to make it easy for you to enjoy your aquarium.

Marine Fish Display

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